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  1. 2 tb Part skim ricotta cheese

  2. 1/2 ts Confectioner's sugar

  3. 1/8 ts Vanilla extract

  4. 1/2 md Banana; peeled, cut 4 -equal slices

  5. 1/2 ts Chocolate syrup

  6. 1/2 ts Shredded coconut

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  1. In small bowl, combine cheese, sugar and vanilla, mixing well. Set 1 banana slice on a dessert plate; spread with 1/3 of the cheese mixture, top with a banana slice, and spread with half of the remaining cheese mixture. Repeat with remaining banana slices and cheese mixture, ending with banana; spread with chocolate syrup and sprinkle with coconut. Each serving provides: 1/2 P, 1 FR, 25 opt. calories Per serving: 113 calories, 4 G protein, 3 G fat, 19 G carbohydrate, 88 mg. calcium, 43 mg. sodium, 10 mg. cholesterol. Source: WW Favorite Recipes Cookbook. Formatted for MM by Joyce Burton, PDPP83A.


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