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  1. Raw Vegan Xmas Fruitcake

  2. raw organic nuts

  3. raw organic ground almond (bulk at supermarket)

  4. raw organic raisins

  5. golden raisins

  6. dried apricots

  7. 4-6 dried figs

  8. 4-6 medjool dates

  9. fresh fruit

  10. 2 fresh apricots

  11. a few strawberries or a banana

  12. raw organic almond butter

  13. a few drops fresh squeezed orange juice

  14. raw organic carob powder, sifted

  15. ground almond

  16. Take some raw organic nuts, a handful each of whatever kind you

  17. prefer, such as hazelnuts, cashews and almonds. Chop them up

  18. carefully. Also add a good handful of raw organic ground almond.

  19. Add dried fruits. Blend up fresh fruit and add. Add a big dollop

  20. of raw organic almond butter.

  21. Mix it all in a big bowl with a sturdy fork. If your dried fruits

  22. are too dry to cling together, you may have to moisten the mix with

  23. a few drops of fresh squeezed orange juice.

  24. On a piece of wax paper (kitchen parchment paper) form the mixture

  25. in the shape of a log.

  26. Sift raw organic carob powder through a tea strainer over the log

  27. and sprinkle ground almond over it, too.


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