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  1. 1/2c Shortening

  2. 1 c Flour

  3. 3/4c Finely chopped, toasted -hazelnuts

  4. 1/4c Icing sugar FILLING:

  5. 1 pk Cream cheese, softened.

  6. 1/4c Sugar

  7. 1 Egg

  8. 3 Sq semi-sweet chocolate, -melted and cooled TOPPING:

  9. 1 cn Pear halves

  10. 1 Sq semi-sweet chocolate

  11. 1 tb Butter

  12. 1/4c Coarsely chopped hazelnuts, -toasted.

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  1. + Directions : CRUST: CRUST: Cut shortening into flour until mixture resembles small peas. Blend in nuts and icing sugar. Press dough firmly on bottom and 1" up sides of a 9" flan pan or springform pan. Bake at 425 F for 15 minutes. FILLING: Beat cream cheese and sugar until smoothly blended. Add egg and chocolate; mix well. Spread evenly in baked crust. TOPPING: Drain pears; pat dry. Arrange pear halves over cream cheese layer. Bake at 375 F for 25 minutes. Cool on wire rack. Melt chocolate with butter; drizzle over cooled torte. Sprinkle with nuts. Chill 3 hours before serving.


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