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  1. BBQ Catfish

  2. 2 catfish filets

  3. salt

  4. pepper

  5. soft butter

  6. liquid smoke

  7. Place filets on a cutting board. Place butter in a separate bowl,

  8. for you will not want to use it once you have finished. Brush

  9. butter, relatively thick on your filets, one side at a time. Once

  10. you have a side buttered, put a good a mount of pepper on the

  11. catfishLightly sprinke with salt. Flip the fish over and repeat

  12. the process on the other side. Lay a piece of aluminum foil on

  13. the grill and poke a couple of small holes in the foil. I like to

  14. use hickory chips to add a nice smokey flavor. You can also use

  15. a touch of liquid smoke if that is easier. Cook each side for 3-4

  16. minutes.


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