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  1. 4 (to 6) teabags

  2. 2 quart(s) water

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  1. Add 4 to 6 teabags (depending on your taste) to 2 quarts of water, cover, and place in a warm, sunny spot until the tea reaches the strength you desire, but not more than five hours.

  2. Remove teabags and chill immediately for safety.

  3. Traditional: For the classic beverage, use orange pekoe teabags. Stir in sugar if desired and garnish with fresh lemon slices.

  4. Herbal: Fresh herbs also steep well. Add a few ounces of the leaves of your favorite herbs to the water. Strain; garnish with sprigs of fresh herbs and sweeten with honey.

  5. Fruit-Flavored: Use a combination of orange pekoe and berry- and peach-flavored teabags for brighter flavor. Garnish with fresh raspberries and peach slices.


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