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  1. *Basil Pesto

  2. 1 Cup fresh Basil leaves (Packed)

  3. 1 clove of garlic

  4. 1/4 Cup of Pinola Nuts (Pine nuts) or Walnuts

  5. 1/2 Cup olive oil

  6. 1/4 Cup of Parmesan Cheese

  7. In a food processor, or minichopper (I prefer the latter), finely chop

  8. basil, garlic, and nuts together. Slowly add oil. Blend. Gradually

  9. add cheese until blended.

  10. Toss mixture into hot, cooked pasta and serve immediately.

  11. *Note: I am told that you can make pesto from any fresh herb that you like,

  12. just substitute the Basil here for the same amount of another herb. You could

  13. use fresh parsley or oregano.

  14. >From time to time, I don't have enough basil in my herb garden to make

  15. a cup so I mix the herbs that are there. I once mixed Basil and parsley. Its good, but not as good as straight basil.


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