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  1. 3/4 cup sugar

  2. 1/2 cup blanched almonds, toasted

  3. 1 cup butter, softened

  4. 1 egg

  5. 1 teaspoon almond extract

  6. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  7. 2 cups all-purpose flour

  8. 1/4 teaspoon salt Sprinkles or colored sugar

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  1. Place sugar and almonds in a food processor; cover and process until almonds are finely ground. In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar mixture until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg and extracts. Combine flour and salt; gradually add to creamed mixture and mix well. Using a cookie press fitted with the disk of your choice, press dough 2 in. apart onto ungreased baking sheets. Decorate with sprinkles or colored sugar. Bake at 375° for 7-9 minutes. Remove to wire racks. Store in an airtight container. Yield: about 6-1/2 dozen.


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