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  1. Stuffed Edam

  2. 1 whole Edam cheese (approximately 1 3/4 pounds)

  3. 1 cup beer

  4. 1/4 unsalted butter, softened

  5. 1 teaspoon caraway seed

  6. 1 teaspoon dry mustard

  7. 1/2 teaspoon celery salt

  8. Cut a slice about an inch thick off the top of the cheese. Scoop

  9. the cheese out of the wax covering of both pieces of cheese. Make

  10. certain to keep the large piece of wax intact as you will be using

  11. it later for presentation. Put the larger piece of wax shell in

  12. the refrigerator. Let cheese soften for about an hour at room

  13. temperature. Mash cheese with fork or mixer. Add beer, butter,

  14. dry mustard, celery salt and caraway seed to the mashed cheese.

  15. Mix until well blended. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Fill the wax

  16. shell with the cheese mixture, mounding high for attractive

  17. presentation.

  18. Serve with party rye or pumpernickel, pita crisps or favorite

  19. crackers.


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