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  1. 1 1/2c Sugar

  2. 1/4ts Salt

  3. 3/4c Corn syrup

  4. 1/4c Butter

  5. 3/4c Water

  6. 2 ts Vanilla

  7. 1/2c Chunky peanut butter

  8. 9 c Cornflakes

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  1. + Combine sugar, salt, corn syrup, butter and water; bring to a boil.

  2. Reduce to medium heat; cook to soft ball stage.

  3. Do not over cook.

  4. Remove from heat; stir in vanilla and peanut butter.

  5. Pour over cornflakes in large buttered bowl or pan; toss with fork to completely cover cornflakes.

  6. Either drop in clusters on buttered cookie sheet or pour on sheet and cut into squares.

  7. Yield: 30 pieces.


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