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  1. 2 Slices cheap white bread

  2. 1 T Kraft Miracle Whip or -Mayonnaise

  3. 2 Leaves of crunchy Iceberg -lettuce

  4. 2 Large slices of well cooked -bacon

  5. 1 sl Ripe field-grown tomato -(at least 10mm thick)

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  1. + Directions : Use two slices of generic white bread, y'know, the stuff that is moist, wimpy crust, and no flavor. Wonder Bread, Colonial Bread, Cost Cutter Bread, or any number of similar products will do. Smear approximately 1 tablespoon of Miracle Whip (I don't eat the stuff myself - my daughter does. Her motto: better living through chemistry). On the slice with the spread, put on a very thick slice of tomato, 10 mm thick if possible. Do not use just any old tomato. For best results use an old-fashioned "field tomato", one that when a slice is put on a slab of bread, it hangs over on all sides and drips juice everywhere. Sloppy is acceptable. The tomato should be of very rich flavor, acidic, tones of sweetness, and of medium texture, between that of a paste tomato and a juicer that falls apart at a touch. The best varieties are Beefsteak, Oxheart, Brandywine, Blue River, Ruby Gold, Stump of the World. Morgage Lifter, or Big Ben. More common acceptable varieties are Marglobe, Rutgers, Big Girl, Better Boy, and Ace. Add the two slices of crisp bacon, limp bacon will not do at all. Crispness is important so that the bacon breaks into pieces without chewing it off like a piece of jerky. The bacon may be broken in order to adequately cover the entire piece of tomato. I use pork jowl with the hide removed as a good alternative to standard bacon. You, no doubt, have made many of these sandwiches, but you can give the recipe to one of your offspring so they can may YOU sandwiches as you recline in the wicker chaise lounge reading a good novel on the shady front porch while sipping a large glass of iced tea on a hot sunny summer afternoon and watching the neighbor across the street mow his yard. Enjoy! John Hartman Indianapolis


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