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  1. 1 can OJuice concentrate

  2. 1 can Lemonade concentrate

  3. 1 Jar white grape juice

  4. 2 cans Water

  5. 1 Bottle Canada Dry Gingerale (or that type - not heavy in caramel) -OR-

  6. 1 Bottle Sprite/

  7. 7up/no name white pop

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  1. To make it "smoke" put dry ice in instead of regular ice.

  2. This punch is not alcoholic, but it tastes as if their might be something in it. Since my family knows what's in it, we don't care, but I have had the question put to me - "What's in the punch?" "I could have sworn that there was a little something else..." Posted to FOODWINE Digest 23 October 96 Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:52:36 -0300 From: "J. Meade"


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