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  2. Every year the joy of Christmas returns; take time to enjoy it. Don't let yourself become so involved with a commercial Christmas that you don't have time to enjoy the deeper meaning of the holiday with your family.

  3. Think back to your childhood memories. Which of these memories do you treasure most? Perhaps it was decorating the tree, helping make Christmas cookies, Christmas caroling, or giving a homemade gift to a friend.

  4. So this year plan to do some of the things memories are made of:

  5. Make strings of popcorn for the tree; pop extra for munching.

  6. Read the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve.

  7. Bake cookies with the children; decorate some to hang on the tree.

  8. Make Nut's Bolts for the neighbors; give it in covered coffee cans.

  9. Giving is the real meaning of Christmas to most of us. The gifts with the greatest meaning are those personally made by the giver. Homemade gifts from the kitchen rate high on the list of welcome favorites. Here are some ideas.

  10. Cookies Jellies and Jams Fruitcake Pickles or Relish Banana Bread Popcorn Balls.


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