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  1. 8 Oz. heavy cream

  2. 6 Oz. canned evaporated milk

  3. 8 Oz. canned condensed milk THREE MILK PREPARATION: Throughly combine the three different milks. MERINGUE INGREDIENTS

  4. 5 Oz egg whites (about 10 eggs)

  5. 10 Oz powdered sugar

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  1. Preparation : TO PREPARE MERINGUE: Place egg whites and powdered sugar in a very clean, greaseless and dry mixing bowl and at high speed mix for about fifteen minutes or until the whites become a stiff consistency. NOTE The normal ratio of egg whites to powdered sugar, BY WEIGHT is 2 parts sugar to 1 part egg white. So, for example, if you have 5 ozs, of egg whites use 10 ozs. of powdered sugar. Medium size eggs should have about 1/2 an oz. of egg white each but it is best to weigh when using this procedure. ASSEMBLY Perforate the cake with many holes. A rounded butter knife is good for this. Combine the the milks throughly and pour onto the the cake making sure it penetrates the holes and soaks in well. Decorate/cover the cake with the meringue. This meringue can be browned or decorated with colorful candied fruit, fresh fruit or nuts.


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