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  1. 2 pk (10 oz) frozen chopped

  2. 1 sm Can Durkee's French Fried

  3. 2 tb Margarine

  4. 1 md Onion, chopped

  5. 1 pk (8 oz) cream cheese Mushroom soup

  6. 1 cn (10 1/2 oz) cream of Amount of fresh Spinach or equivalent Onion Rings

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  1. + Directions : Cook the spinach according to directions, drain well. Saute onion in margarine, add the soup and cream cheese. Heat under low heat until the cheese is melted. Mix together with the spinach. Turn into a greased casserole. Top with onion rings. Bake at 350 F for 30-35 minutes. Note: I substitute cooked mustard greens and can hardly tell the difference. In fact most people still think they are eating spinach.


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