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  2. Many flowers can be dried in the

  3. dehydrator. You will have to experiment a

  4. little and keep the temperature very low. -- use

  5. To add fragrance to potpourri

  6. 1 " essential oils" or fragrant oils found in

  7. craft shops and health food

  8. stores.

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  1. The flowers should be dry to start with, best if picked after the dew has dried and before the night damp sets in. Dry the flowers as soon as possible after picking.

  2. The best condition for drying flowers is a dry, warm, dark, clean and well-ventilated area, which makes a dehydrator an ideal setting. Flowers will retain the best color and condition when dried quickly.

  3. A low temperature should be used to retain the natural oils.

  4. Strip off the leaves or if you prefer to keep the foliage, discard brown or damaged leaves.

  5. Place on the drying trays in a single layer, avoiding any overlapping.

  6. Drying times will vary considerably depending on the size of the flower and the amount of foliage. Dry at 100* generally from 6 to 72 hours.


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