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  1. 1.4kg cooking apples

  2. 100g soft brown sugar

  3. 200g ground almonds

  4. 200g soft salted butter (room temperature)

  5. 200g caster sugar

  6. 3 fresh eggs

  7. Sliced toasted almonds for decoration

  8. Icing sugar for decoration

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  1. Cook the apples with brown sugar on a low heat until soft.

  2. Beat the eggs with caster sugar then mix in the butter and ground almonds creating a smooth paste.

  3. Separate the apples into six different ramekins and spread the mixture on top of each of them. Put some sliced almonds on top and cook in a pre-heated oven of 160ºC for about 50 mins until golden brown. Once ready dust on some icing sugar and serve immediately.


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