• 25minutes
  • 55calories

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VitaminsB12, D, E
MineralsCopper, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Cobalt

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  1. 10 ounce(s) semisweet chocolate

  2. 2 ounce(s) unsweetened chocolate

  3. 3/4 cup(s) heavy or whipping cream

  4. 5 tablespoon(s) unsalted butter , softened and cut up (no substitutions) 25 cup(s) almond-flavor liqueur

  5. 1/3 cup(s) blanched almonds , toasted and finely chopped 25 cup(s) unsweetened cocoa

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  1. In food processor with knife blade attached, blend both kinds of chocolate until finely ground.

  2. In 1-quart saucepan, heat cream to boiling on medium-high. With food processor running, add hot cream, butter, and liqueur to chocolate, and blend until chocolate mixture is smooth.

  3. Grease 8" by 8" metal baking pan; line with plastic wrap. Pour chocolate mixture into pan; spread evenly. Refrigerate chocolate mixture until cool and firm enough to handle, at least 3 hours, or freeze 1 hour.

  4. Place chopped almonds in small bowl; place cocoa in another small bowl. Invert chocolate block onto cutting board; remove and discard plastic wrap. Cut chocolate block into 8 strips, then cut each strip crosswise into 8 squares. (To cut chocolate block neatly and easily, occasionally dip knife in hot water and wipe dry.)

  5. One at a time, roll half the chocolate squares in chopped almonds to coat; roll remaining squares in cocoa. Store truffles in refrigerator in tightly covered container, with waxed paper between layers, up to 2 weeks, or freeze up to 2 months. Remove from freezer 5 minutes before serving.


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