• 6servings
  • 10minutes

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MineralsZinc, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus

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  1. 2 cups complete pancake mix (such as AUNT JEMIMA® Buttermilk Complete)

  2. 1 1/2 cups water

  3. 2/3 cup LIBBY'S® 100% Pure Pumpkin

  4. Nonstick cooking spray

  5. Lite pancake syrup, if desired

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  1. COMBINE pancake mix, water and pumpkin in medium bowl. Stir just until moistened. Batter may be lumpy.

  2. SPRAY griddle or large skillet with nonstick spray. Heat over medium heat. Pour 1/4 cup batter onto hot griddle; cook until batter bubbles begin to burst. Turn and continue cooking for 1 to 2 minutes or until golden. Repeat with remaining batter. Serve with syrup.

  3. Makes 6 servings, about 12 pancakes total For nutrition information about LIBBY'S 100% PURE PUMPKIN , click here .

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