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    NutrientsCarbohydrates, Cellulose

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    1. :

    2. Moss Green Icing Color Candy Melts* - Pastel Mix, Dark Cocoa, White, Orange (1 bag

    3. needed)

    4. Halloween Mix Sprinkles

    5. Buttercream Icing

    6. Mini Pretzel Sticks

    7. *brand confectionery coating

    8. Directions:

    9. Make, bake and cool mini petite cakes

    10. 3 parts pink were added to

    11. part blue. Refrigerate to set.

    12. To make arms, dip pretzels in melted candy and position on waxed paper.

    13. Pipe fingers on end of arms with melted candy in cut disposable bag.

    14. Refrigerate to set. Ice tops of cake smooth.

    15. Pipe tip 233 pull out grass; add sprinkles. Position candy.

    16. Variation:

    17. Bones, skull and tombstones can be molded using Fondant --

    18. so easy and fun!

    19. Each serves 1

    20. For more

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    22. Party !

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