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  1. 1 lb of ground beef (or ground turkey)

  2. 1 large onion (chopped or diced)

  3. 2 packets of brown gravy mix Potatoes (mashed) - about 4 large ones Spices (pepper, garlic powder) Butter (a few pats)

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  1. + Directions : Chasteen Mullins has contributed this recipe that is sure to make enough for 4 people and have plenty of leftovers. Brown ground beef (or ground turkey) then drain the meat. Add diced onions and cook them until done. Prepare gravy mix according to the package, then add the gravy to the meat. Simmer until mixed. Add spices. Take the meat mixture off the heat and set it aside. Make mashed (smashed) potatoes. After the potatoes are ready, spread the meat evenly over the bottom of a baking pan. Spread the potatoes on top of the meat and put a little butter on top of the potatoes. Cook in the oven at 350 until the top is brown.


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