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  1. 8 3/4 pounds Unhopped dark malt extract

  2. 1 pounds Roasted barley

  3. 1 pounds Wheat malt

  4. pounds Black patent malt

  5. pounds Chocolate malt

  6. 4 ounces Bullion hops (boil)

  7. 1 ounce Cascade hops (finish)

  8. Yeast

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  1. The bullion hops are added 30 minutes into the boil. I used pelletized hops and there was a huge amount of sediment when I racked it--not sediment in the normal sense--it was mostly beer with hops floating in it, but it was too thick to go through the siphon. This is better than any stout I have ever tasted. It is based on the stout recipe posted by Marc San Soucie in Digest #219. Original Gravity: 1.075 Final Gravity: 1.035 Recipe By : Allen Hainer File


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