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MineralsCopper, Chromium, Phosphorus

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  1. 1 pack Soup bones with marrow or stew meat

  2. 1 can (large) of sourkraut; and 1 can (small) of sourkraut

  3. 1 can (large) crushed tomatoes

  4. 1 can Tomato paste or sauce

  5. 1 can Water

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  1. Here's my mother- in-law's recipe for Saurkraut Soup. Genuinely Polish.

  2. Genuinely a grandmother. Genuinely good. I made it the day before your request came in and have been meaning to send it to you. It's not one of those measuring recipes so write back if there is a question.

  3. Bring this to a simmer in a large covered pot. Let it cook until done. (2-3 hours or whatever)

  4. In the meanwhile, when the soup is ballpark cooked, peel an appropriate amount of potatoes and cut into chunks (or slices). Cook the potatoes in pleanty of salted water until done.

  5. Combine the potatoes with the soup. Thin with water as needed. Reheat.

  6. I usually turn the flame off and leave it on the stove until dinner. Then I reheat it. The sitting time etc. lets the potatoes pick up the flavor of the stock.

  7. I have made this parve by using faux chicken or beef stock and it is not so great. As unless you have a serious vegetarian to cook for, don't bother.

  8. There is no additional seasoning.

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