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  1. 2 cups 320g / 11oz Refried beans

  2. 6 cups 1422ml Ripe avocadoes (medium)

  3. 1 teaspoon 5ml Fresh lemon juice

  4. 1 teaspoon 5ml Freshly ground black pepper

  5. 1 teaspoon 5ml Garlic salt

  6. 1 cup 237ml Mayonnaise

  7. 1 cup 237ml Sour cream

  8. 1/2 cup 31g / 1.1oz Chopped green onions - stems and all

  9. 2 cups 125g / 4.4oz Tomatoes - diced (medium)

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  1. Empty cans of refried beans into a mixing bowl. Add a tablespoon or two of water and stir. Add just enough water to get beans to a spreading consistency--not too moist!

  2. Line an 8x10 serving dish with the refried beans. In another bowl, place peeled, pitted avocadoes. Mash.

  3. Add lemon juice, pepper and garlic salt. Mix well, then spread in a layer on top of beans. Mix mayonnaise and sour cream. Layer again. Top with cheese, tomatoes and onions. Chill and serve with tortilla chips.


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