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  1. 2 cups Green pepper; chopped

  2. 2 cups Celery; chopped

  3. 2 cups Onion; chopped

  4. cup Garlic; chopped

  5. 1 pounds Andouille sausage; sliced

  6. cup Olive oil

  7. 2 1/2 pounds Chicken; boiled & cubed

  8. Rich broth from cooking chicken, reduced to 2 cups

  9. 2 cups Canned italian tomatoes; chopped

  10. 2 tablespoons Oregano

  11. cup Hot sauce

  12. 2 tablespoons Gumbo file

  13. Salt and pepper; to taste

  14. 3 Bay leaf

  15. cup Worcestershire sauce

  16. 1 dash Kitchen bouquet; for dark base, optional

  17. 1 cup All-purpose flour

  18. cup Fat skimmed from mixture or shortening of your choice

  19. 2 pounds Okra; cut 1 inch thick

  20. Seafood in amounts of your choice:

  21. White fish in 1/2 inch cubes, oysters, whole blue crabs, scallops, shrimp, rock shrimp

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  1. In a large pot saute in olive oil the onions, peppers, celery, garlic and sausage. When translucent add cooked chicken and oregano. Then add tomatoes, chicken broth, bay leaves, gumbo file, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and hot sauce and bring to simmer. Add kitchen bouquet if desired.

  2. Brown the flour in a 325 degree oven until brown. Mix with fat from above mixture to make roux. Add roux to the mixture and stir well. The mixture should thicken to the consistency of a medium cream sauce. Let this simmer 10 minutes. (Then you can cool and divide this base into containers for freezing, if desired.)

  3. Bring base to a boil. Add all seafood except oysters. Bring back to a boil.

  4. Reduce heat to simmer. Add oysters and okra. Let simmer for 10 minutes and serve immediately on steamed rice.

  5. Recipe by: Chef Eddie, Magnolia Grille, Apalachicola, FL Posted to MC-Recipe Digest V1 #876 by shade on Oct 30, 1997


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