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  1. Filling :

  2. 3 lbs jicama shredded

  3. 1 lb belly pork, cut into thin strips

  4. 2 tbsp fish sauce

  5. 2 tbsp soya sauce

  6. 2 tbsp minced garlic

  7. 5 tbsp oil

  8. Enough water to cover the shredded jicama

  9. Salt and pepper to taste

  10. Garnishing

  11. 2 heads green leaf lettuce

  12. 4 firm soybean cakes, cut into thin strips and fried

  13. 1/4 tsp salt

  14. 1/2 lb beansprouts, tailed and scalded

  15. 1 English cucumber, shredded finely

  16. 1/2 lb small prawns, shelled and steamed

  17. 1 cup crab meat

  18. 1/2 lb shallots, sliced and fried crisp

  19. 3 whole pods garlic, minced and fried crisp

  20. 4 eggs - make omelette and shredded fine

  21. 4 pairs of Chinese Lap Cheong - cut into thin strips and fried

  22. Popiah skins (I used frozen Lumpia pastry - wrap with a tea towel and steam the pastry)

  23. Chilly Sauce

  24. Hoisin Sauce

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  1. Filling Heat oil in a kuali and lightly brown garlic.

  2. Add in pork belly and fry until fragrant, then add in shredded jicama .

  3. Pour in enough water and when it comes to a boil, add in the seasonings.

  4. Transfer to the slow cooker and let it cook until jicama is soft.

  5. Adjust taste with salt and pepper.

  6. To serve Popiah Drain a cup of warm jicama and leave the rest in the slow cooker for future servings.

  7. Put a popiah skin skin on a plate.

  8. Spread the center section of popiah skin with chilly sauce and hoisin sauce Place a piece of lettuce on the spread.and top with 1 heaped tbsp of jicama and then top with all the other garnishing ingredents. A little of each type of garnishing is sufficient.

  9. Wrap up tight like you would for the spring roll.

  10. Serves


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