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  1. 8 large cubes of Soybean Curd / Tofu

  2. 1 Cup (2 dl) dried Chinese mushrooms

  3. 1 Cup (2 dl) pitted dried Chinese dates

  4. 1 clove garlic minced

  5. 1 small piece of ginger, minced

  6. 1/4 Cup (2 fl oz / 1/2 dl / 65 ml) vegetable oil

  7. 1-2 Tbsp rice wine

  8. 1-2 Tbsp sesame oil

  9. 1-2 Tbsp oyster sauce

  10. 1-2 Tbsp soy sauce

  11. 2 Tbsp corn starch

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  1. Soak the mushrooms in one container and the dates in another container for 2-3 hours. Drain the mushrooms and slice them julienne. Drain the dates, cut in half and remove the pits.

  2. Cut the Soybean cakes into smaller portions i.e. cut in half and then slice each half to make thinner portions. In a large wok, heat about ½ cup vegetable oil and fry the tofu slices 2-3 at a time until golden brown, set aside on a platter.

  3. In a large wok, heat the vegetable oil, add the freshly minced garlic and ginger and cook for about ½ minute. Add the sliced mushrooms and dates, add about 4 Tbsp of water and 2 Tbsp cornstarch and heat through. Add the rice wine, soy sauce, and oyster sauce heat through. Drain the liquid off of the fried Soybean Curd and top with the mushroom-date sauce. Serve.


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