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  1. 1 (16-ounce) package frozen mixed vegetables

  2. 1 (10 3/4-ounce) can chicken broth

  3. 1/4 cup butter

  4. 1/4 cup all-purpose flour

  5. 1 cup milk

  6. 1 (8-ounce) container Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar Cold Pack cheese

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  1. In 3 quart saucepan, combine water, bouillon cubes, onion, celery, carrot and broccoli. Bring to a boil; reduce and heat and simmer 10 minutes.

  2. Meanwhile, melt butter in 1 to 2 quart saucepan. Stir in flour; cook over low heat 2 minutes.

  3. Gradually stir in milk. Cook and stir until mixture begins to thicken.

  4. Add cheese, stir until melted.

  5. Stir cheese mixture into simmering vegetable mixture. Season with pepper. Do not boil.

  6. Soup can be reheated over low heat.


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