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  1. 1 garoupa

  2. 60g black mushrooms raised in water

  3. 60g ham

  4. 2 chicken eggs

  5. 40g pork shreds

  6. 120g bamboo shoot

  7. Seasoning:

  8. A dash each of sesame oil, ginger shreds, pepper powder, green onion shreds, starch, sugar, salt and soy sauce

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  1. Pull the fillets off the garoupa, leaving its head and tail for use. Cut the fillets into 20 pieces in the shape of jujube and mix MSG, salt, sugar and pepper well to marinate them for a while.

  2. Cut black mushrooms, ham and bamboo shoot into small flower-shaped slices (leaving a small part each of black mushrooms and ham to cut them into shreds for use), then arrange the fish pieces, ham, black mushrooms and bamboo shoot slices in a pan in the shape of the body of the fish and steam them in the steamer for 15 minutes.

  3. Remove the egg whites from the chicken eggs, mix the yolks well with starch into paste, apply it onto the head and tail, scald them in peanut oil for a while, braise pork shreds, black mushroom shreds, green onion shreds and ginger shreds with soy sauce, sugar and MSG and put them on the fish head as the bead of Chinese unicorn.

  4. Fit the steamed fish body between the head and the tail, boil chicken soup with sugar, MSG, salt, yellow wine, sesame oil and starch into serving sauce and pour it over the fish for serving.


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