• 8servings
  • 60minutes

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VitaminsA, D
MineralsCalcium, Potassium, Chlorine, Phosphorus, Cobalt, Molybdenum

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  1. 8 cloves garlic

  2. 200 ml milk

  3. 10 anchovy fillets , (preferably salted)

  4. 100 g softened butter

  5. olive oil , for drizzling

  6. 4 globe artichokes , trimmed and halved lengthwise

  7. 2 cloves new season garlic , (also known as ‘wet garlic')

  8. olive oil , to taste, for drizzling

  9. 40 g butter

  10. 300 g new potatoes

  11. salmon fillets

  12. 75 g rocket

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  1. For the bagna cauda: put the garlic cloves in small pan, cover with milk and simmer for 40 minutes, or until soft.

  2. Cool slightly and then pour the contents of the pan into a food processor, add the anchovy fillets and blend until smooth. Gradually add the softened butter, pulsing with each addition, and drizzle in olive oil, to taste. You should have a sloppy, emulsified sauce. If it separates, warm gently in a pan, whisking all the time.

  3. For the artichoke salad: heat the oven to 180C/gas 4.

  4. Put the artichoke pieces and wet garlic in a shallow casserole, drizzle with olive oil and dot with butter. Cover and place the artichokes to braise in the oven until tender – at least 30 minutes.

  5. Boil the potatoes in a pan of boiling, salted water until tender. Drain, season with salt and freshly ground black pepper, drizzle with olive oil and keep warm.

  6. Remove the artichoke from the oven and, when cool enough to handle, peel off the leaves, trim the stalks with a sharp knife and remove the hairy inner choke. Cut each artichoke into quarters or sixths and set aside.

  7. Heat a grill to hot.

  8. Grill the salmon until just cooked, but still slightly pink in the middle (about 8-10 minutes). Pull the salmon into chunks, discarding any skin and bones.

  9. Place the artichokes, salmon and rocket in large bowl. Drizzle with 3 tablespoons of the bagna cauda and toss together. Any remaining bagna cauda can be stored covered in the fridge for up to 2 days – if it separates, warm gently in a pan, whisking all the time.

  10. . Serve the salad immediately.


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