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  1. 3T butter in a saucepan. Whisk

  2. 3T flour in to make a paste. Slowly pour in

  3. 2 cups milk, whisking constantly, over medium heat. Add

  4. 2 cups Velveeta, cubed. Stir until cheese is melted.

  5. Cook 3 cups elbow macaroni and add to the cheese sauce. (In a separate saucepan I boil the water and cook the macaroni at the same time as I'm making the cheese sauce.)

  6. I just saw a "Martha Stewart in the Kitchen" show (kinda surprised it's still on), and she basically makes it the same way (except she uses grated cheddar or swiss and guerrere -sp- cheese) and she pours it into a casserole dish, tops with more grated cheese, and buttered torn up white bread. She bakes it for 45-60 minutes. I may try that sometime when I'm feeling fancy!


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