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  1. 1/2lb ( Beef/pork Undercuts

  2. 8 Large Carrots

  3. 2 Large Pears

  4. 1 pkg Butter (250grams) or 1/4 Lb.

  5. 1 Tea Cup White Wine/or Beer

  6. 250-300ml.

  7. Salt

  8. 1/2 Tea Spoon Cinamon

  9. Nut Meg

  10. 1 Table Spoon Parsley

  11. Sugar

  12. 100 Grams , one small package ow walnuts- chopped or not both ways work!

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  1. step 1: Wash your hands.

  2. step 2: Take the meet and cut it in to piece,around 2 inches thick each.

  3. step 3: Set aside and peal the carrots and set a side.

  4. step 4: Peal the pears a well and set a stide.

  5. step 5: In a medium pan or pot, melt half of the butter, once heated add the (slightly salted) beef,or pork. Fry no more than 2 pieces at a time! Keep frying for 30-40 seconds each side, and set a side. Once all the meet is done, see how much butter you have in the pann add a bit more, like a tea spoon and add the wine, or the beer,add 1/4 tea spoon nut meg to it! Then boil each of the pieces of the meet for like 2-3 minutes (you can boil it up to 5 min)Pool out the meet and set a side.

  6. Step 6: In a pot add the rest of the butter to melt. Once its melted, add th ealready kut in to big pieces carrots each carrot should be cut only 3 times, so you have 3 thick and big pieces. Add the carots to the butter a little water 1/2 of tea spoon ground cinnamon, 1/4 tea spoon nut meg, 1 table spoon parsley, 1 pinch sugar.

  7. step 7: Cook the carrots for 7 minutes- once done set a side.

  8. step 8: Preheat th eoven to 350F/375F-or(250 C) degrees.

  9. step 9: Pour the left sauce, marinatae from the carrots in a large size cooking pan. First put the meen in it, then add the carrots around the meet.

  10. At last cut the Pears fine and mix them with a table spoon of sugar and 1/4 cinnamon. Add hem to the carots and the meet. Add a little wine, or beer to the dish and 250 ml.

  11. OZ cup water.

  12. Cook until golden broun or the meet is ready for about 40 min on 320 F.

  13. minutes before pooling out add a hand of walnuts to it (sprinkle them around) and bake again. Serve with, wine, bread, or ised tee.


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