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  1. Ok- this is one of the easiest recipes in the cosmos.

  2. Serves a small army.

  3. What you'll need: (by the way this is off the top of my head!)

  4. 8 x beef snags

  5. 5 x (give or take) medium washed potatoes /skin left on (chopped into chunks)

  6. 2 x zuchini (chopped/chunks)

  7. 1 x large brocolli florette (into pieces)

  8. 1 x large onion (roughly chopped)

  9. 2 x medium carrots (chopped into chunks)

  10. 1 x cup frozen peas and corn

  11. 1 x cup frozen beans

  12. (you can add any veges that you like really)

  13. Cornwells worcestershire sauce (2 table spoons)

  14. Keens curry powder (2 tables spoons)

  15. 1 x beef stock cube

  16. 1 x fresh 'hot' chilli (chopped)

  17. 1/2 teaspoon paprika

  18. 1/2 teaspoon cayene pepper

  19. 3 x tablespoon cornflour (give or take)

  20. Ground black pepper and sea salt to taste

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  1. Now for the easy part. In a large pot throw your snags in and cover with water (not too much water- just enough to cover- you will be using the water) and boil snags until cooked through. While the snags are boiling you can prepare your veges. Remove snags when ready and add veges to water. Add water if need be but not too much, veges will reduce and we want this to end up quite thick. Also add Worcestershire sauce, curry powder, stock, chilli, cayene, paprika, and salt and pepper (we want these flavours to infuse) and simmer gently until veges are soften (but potatoes havent broken up). With a fork- mix cornflour in a cup with around 1/2 cup 'hot water' and add slowly to pot while stirring to thicken. Simmer and stir until the flavour of cornflour has disapeared and serve with rice, or all by its scrumdiddly self ! Enjoy !


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