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  1. 4 cups flour

  2. 1 Tbsp. baking powder

  3. 1/2 tsp. salt

  4. 1 cup brown sugar

  5. 3 egg s

  6. 2 1/4 cups milk

  7. 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

  8. oil for deep frying (ratio: 1:1 canola oil to peanut oil)

  9. 1/4 cup sugar

  10. 1 tsp. cinnamon

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  1. In a bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder and salt. Stir in the brown sugar.

  2. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs. Add the milk and vanilla extract and whisk again. Whisk in the dry ingredients until smooth. In a deep, wide pan, heat frying oil to 375 degrees F.

  3. Hold finger over the bottom of a funnel and drizzle batter into the oil, moving the funnel around to make criss-cross design. Fry until golden brown then flip it over to fry the other side.

  4. Remove the funnel cake from the oil with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel. Mix the sugar with the cinnamon and sprinkle over funnel cake. Serve immediately.


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