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  2. Milk -1 litre

  3. Curd for making paneer (chhena)

  4. Sugar- 1 1/4- cup

  5. Green Elaichi - 3-4 nos

  6. Suji(rava) - 1 tsp


  8. Boil the milk and add curd to make paneer. Then strain it thoroughly in a muslin cloth. Add suji, chhota elaichi powder and mash it becomes soft and floffy. Make small gullas out of it.

  9. To prepare the syrup, add 2 1/2- cup water to sugar. Put this syrup on the gas stove in a pressure cooker and boil it till sugar dissolves completely.

  10. Put the gullas in the syrup and bring it to full pressure. Keep it in simmer for 20 minutes and then bring it to full pressure and switch it off. Your rasgullas are now ready to eat.


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