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  1. 3/4 cup all-purpose flour

  2. 3/4 cup whole wheat flour

  3. 1 cup granulated sugar

  4. 1/4 cup flaked sweetened coconut

  5. 2 tsp baking soda

  6. 1 tsp salt

  7. 2 tsp ground cinnamon

  8. 2 tbsp canola oil

  9. 2 large eggs

  10. 1 1/2 tsp vanilla

  11. 2 cups grated carrots, peeled

  12. 20 oz. can crushed pineapple in juice, drained

  13. 1/4 cup chopped walnuts plus

  14. 1/4 cup for topping Preheat oven to

  15. 350In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, coconut, baking soda, salt, and spices; stir well with a whisk.

  16. In a medium bowl, combine oil, eggs, and vanilla; stir well. Add grated carrots and pineapple; mix well. Fold wet ingredients with the dry ingredients, batter will be stiff and dry but keep folding it and it will all come together. Fold in 1/4 cup chopped nuts.

  17. 8" x

  18. 3" cake pan coated with cooking spray. Bake at

  19. 350 for about 40-50 minutes, depending on pan size or until a wooden toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean and cake is pulling away from sides of pan. Cool cake completely on a wire rack.

  20. To prepare frosting, beat together cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth. Spread frosting over top of cake. Garnish with remaining chopped walnuts.

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  22. YUM! Can you post a YUCKY recipe soon so I don't get hungry when I stop by your blog? :) Hummm? pretty please? :) hehe Reply Delete

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  24. Oh my goodness this looks so good. I have not made a carrot cake in forever. Reply Delete

  25. YUMMO! I wanted to make a carrot cake for Easter - thank you so much!

  26. TJ .. laughing at your post, but you are so right!

  27. Jill Reply Delete

  28. How would it turn out, do you think, w/o the coconut? Or do you suggest any substitutions? My husband's allergic. :( Reply Delete

  29. Oooh, so moist! If any cake looks that moist, it's worth the calories. Reply Delete

  30. MM MM I am going to make this on Good Friday (and probably scoff the whole lot over the weekend break) lol Reply Delete

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  32. Your carrot cake looks fantastic! Reply Delete

  33. i can't wait to try this recipe! it looks soooooooo good. thanks. Reply Delete

  34. You can make this without the coconut with no problem. Will taste just as good. :) Reply Delete

  35. Can you use Splenda instead of the sugar in the cake?? Reply Delete

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  37. Do you bake the same amount of time if you make cupcakes? Reply Delete

  38. I'm so bummed that my mother-in-law is already making carrot cake for Easter. I can't wait to try this. Thanks Gina! Reply Delete

  39. This looks delicious! Now I have to add ANOTHER possible Easter dessert to my list -- how am I going to decide?! Reply Delete

  40. Yes, you can replace the sugar with the Splenda but I have not done so since I don't use Splenda. It will bring the points down however.

  41. 20 to 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

  42. Sophie - Tough, right! Reply Delete

  43. this will be my Easter dessert! Reply Delete

  44. Thank you! I am so making this. Reply Delete

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  46. I am delighted to find your WW Blog!

  47. Yeah!

  48. Hubby and I just started WW to take off this WINTER weight!

  49. Looking forward to browsing your recipes!

  50. I see a turkey meatloaf I already want to try!

  51. I have some Hungry Girl cookies on my blog right now you may want to pop over and take a peek at!


  53. This cake looks divine!

  54. My hubby would love it if I would make this for Easter to enjoy!

  55. Again...just THRILLED to find your blog! I now subscribe!

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  57. Bainbridge Island, WA Reply Delete

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  59. This really looks good. I had plans to make a carrot cake for Sunday, but I am going to use this recipe instead. Much lower calories and it sounds soooo good! Thank you :) Reply Delete

  60. Your cake looks amazing. It looks really hearty and full of spicy goodness. I like how you decorated just the top with the cream cheese and nuts. Gorgeous! I want a slice right now. Reply Delete

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  62. Carrot Cake lover- Thank you :) Reply Delete

  63. Gina, Thank you for posting this recipe. It will be a perfect dessert for Easter. Carrot Cake is my favorite so I am especially looking forward to this treat! Reply Delete

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  65. I'm allergic to pineapple - is there a substitute you might recommend? Reply Delete

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  67. Oh my... yum yum! Reply Delete

  68. I will happily bake this for Easter!

  69. May I share that I do not enjoy the "new" printing of blog ... used to be able to print the recipe only. Not any longer, huh? Thanks! Reply Delete

  70. That looks phaaaa nahhhh menal. OMG. Reply Delete

  71. Erin- Sorry to hear that! Maybe pureed prunes or apples. (Baby food works good for baking)

  72. Printing- Some people told me they had problems, it prints fine for me but I realized if you are using an old version of Internet Explorer, it won't print. You probably have to update your browser or use Firefox. Reply Delete

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  74. this looks amazing! Reply Delete

  75. The prettiest carrot cake I've ever seen, and I don't even like carrot cake, but my mom does! I will save the recipe for her. Reply Delete

  76. very nice... thanx ;) Reply Delete

  77. Gina I love the recipe and will be making it for Easter! Quick question, how long before can I make it, let's say can I make it the day before? and if yes should I store in the fridge or can it stay out? Reply Delete

  78. Good question. The cake without the frosting can stay unrefrigerated 1-2 days so you can make it the night before and keep it out, the frost it the next day or if you want to frost it the night before, refrigerate it. Reply Delete

  79. 52kitchenadventures

  80. Beautiful pictures! I came over from I love that you made a slightly healthier version of carrot cake, but still looks and sounds amazing. Looking forward to trying this recipe in the future! Reply Delete

  81. 52- Thank you!! Reply Delete

  82. Thanks for answering Gina! You rock! I have so many other things to do on Easter day so it's great that I can make this a day before. ;-) Reply Delete

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  84. OMG I made this a couple nights ago and it is beyond delicious! Reply Delete

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  86. 10 1/2 points. I made it in a bundt pan & cut it into 20 pieces making each piece only

  87. 4 1/4 pts each. I will definitely make this again! Reply Delete

  88. Thanks for sharing your points without the nuts Heather!!! For me the nuts are a must ;) but they do increase the points a bit. Happy Easter!!

  89. Amber, Glad you liked it! Reply Delete

  90. 59 PM

  91. 2oz pineapple instead of

  92. 20, so I had only bought an

  93. 8oz can!! I remembered seeing Gina saying apples might be a good substitute so I ran to the fridge for some of my daughters applesauce cups. Only one

  94. 4oz cup left! That still left me

  95. 8oz short! It's Easter Sunday, no stores close are open, I have already followed all the instructions up to this point, and don't want to throw it all to the compost and have NO CAKE (unacceptable!!) so I am desperately looking about my kitchen for anything to save this when I spy the bananas. I added one small mashed banana to the mix. Let me tell you what, it is quite the tasty save!!! Fruit substituted for fruit so no noticeable change in the points calculations. We are going to call it Tropical Fruit Easter Cake! Hope you give it a try Gina! Reply Delete

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  97. Gina, this was a hit!!! I made this for desert tonight. Everyone loved it and man was it moist!!!

  98. Thanks

  99. 2 thumbs up!!! way UP Reply Delete

  100. Virginia- Thanks for the laugh!! I'm glad it worked! I'm sure it must have been very tasty with all that fruit! Tropical Fruit Cake, I like that!! Reply Delete

  101. 20 points though - so worth the

  102. 6 points. Thanks!! Reply Delete

  103. Isn't this great!! Really does hit the sweet spot! Reply Delete

  104. Thanks so much for coming up with a recipe that doesn't have artificial sweeteners. It's so hard to avoid them and stay on plan. I can't wait to bake this cake next weekend! Reply Delete

  105. You really won't see too many recipes with artificial sweetner here, I prefer to use honey, sugar (sparingly) or agave. I'm afraid of artificial sweetners, who knows what the long term effects are! Reply Delete

  106. I made this.very very good.One mistake I made was I used fat free cream cheese for the frosting and as soon as I added the vanilla it turned to liquid.So all I had was regular cream cheese.But the cake was sooooo goood!!!I will make this again.I have tried many of your recipies and everything has been GREAT!! Reply Delete

  107. I never buy fat free cream cheese because I think it tastes terrible, but thanks for sharing it turned to liquid!! More of a reason not to use fat free! Reply Delete

  108. I am a newlywed and decided to try this as cupcakes since we celebrate Easter at his parents and then my parents and it was a success all around!!! I'm sure some of you can relate to making food as a new wife and being criticized. Reply Delete

  109. Excellent!! I actually have this in the oven right now! Making it for some friends. Glad everyone approved! I know how important it is to get the in laws to approve your cooking ;) Reply Delete

  110. I just made cupcakes out of the recipe and they were sooooooo good. I did make the mistake of using fat free cream cheese but to counteract the liquidity i added a little more powdered sugar and some coconut flakes. Then i drizzled the frosting on top of the cupcakes and it was perfect. This is my new favorite recipe. Thanks sooooo much. Reply Delete

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  112. My sister loves carrot cake and I wanna give this a try! Would it be okay to add raisins? thanks! Reply Delete

  113. Sure! Why not. Maybe replace the coconut to keep the points the same. Reply Delete

  114. I made these into cupcakes last night, and they are absolutely amazing! so moist and tasty :)

  115. Thank you so much for all these amazing recipes! Reply Delete

  116. I baked this cake for my grand daughter's high school graduation celebration and it was a huge moist and tastes as good or better than the higher calorie carrot cakes. Instead of sweetened coconut I used Unsweetened Organic Coconut Flakes and even put some of the gorgeous large wide flakes on the icing with the chopped walnuts. Wow!!! This is a winner!!! Reply Delete

  117. 28 AM

  118. Sharon, great idea topping it with coconut. Glad you liked it! Reply Delete

  119. 301.1/8.1/0.4 into the online WW calculator, I get

  120. 7 points a piece. Am I doing something wrong? Reply Delete

  121. 22 AM

  122. 7 points now. Thanks for noticing! The slices are huge so making this as cupcakes is probably the best way to use portion control and each cupcake would be lower in points. Reply Delete

  123. Gina, thanks for the update! It looks delicious to me no matter how you slice it. :p Reply Delete

  124. I just made this and oh my god!! i am not buying carrot cake in the street anymore!! this was DELICIOUS!!! Reply Delete

  125. LOL, glad you enjoyed it! This one is so much lighter than anything you would buy on the street, I'm sure! Reply Delete

  126. I am allergic to pineapple, any suggestions on what I can use instead? Reply Delete

  127. Sorry to hear that Dawn. You'll have to experiment with other crushed fruit but the flavor won't be the same. Reply Delete

  128. Did you know that you could take a carrot cake mix and add diet coke and it is half the calories. :) Reply Delete

  129. I just made this today! For some reason, my cake didn't rise that much - but it was still deeeelish! Wonderful recipe, thankyou! Reply Delete

  130. Can you make this using all whole wheat flour rather than half wheat half white? Or half white whole wheat flour instead of the all purpose? Reply Delete

  131. 17 PM

  132. Jessica- Yes, that a diet soda cake. Not as good as a home made cake though!

  133. Ali- I haven't tried it so I'm not sure if this would work. If you try it let me know. Reply Delete

  134. I've made this carrot cake a couple of times in the past few months and it's a huge hit every time! Reply Delete

  135. Delicious! I have to say, this site makes staying on track easy!! Thanks Gina! Reply Delete

  136. 20 minutes as suggested.

  137. 30 AM

  138. I'm not sure if it would work, you would have to experiment. Baking is such a sensitive thing. If you try it with success, let me know. Reply Delete

  139. 02 AM

  140. I made cupcakes for Thanksgiving yesterday. My husband's uncle is a very healthy eater and usually only eats fruit for dessert... I wasn't even anticipating him to eat these... he ate TWO and raved about how they were the best cup cake he's ever had! They were super moist and SO delicious!! Bravo, Gina - you've done it again!!! Reply Delete

  141. another pleaser for the non-dessert crowd. thanks for the recipe. Reply Delete

  142. Great!! Reply Delete

  143. 19 AM

  144. These turned out great, I don't eat coconut so I replaced it with a handful of raisins and made cupcakes. The kids love them! Reply Delete

  145. 55 AM

  146. OMG I am def making this. My daughter's first birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her a little cupcake that isn't soo full of sugar. This is perfect! I also love the red velvet recipe idea for everyone else! Reply Delete

  147. Hi, this recipe looks to die for. I love carrot cake and can't wait to try. Do you happen to know the pt total of the cake & icing separately? Just in case I ever decided to leave off the icing. Silly thought, I know. :) Reply Delete

  148. 41 PM

  149. My daughter has egg and nut allergies so I left out the nuts and used an egg replacer. I also left out the coconut and replaced it with raisins. Delicious! Reply Delete

  150. Oh my Gina! This recipe is delish!! I made cupcakes and baked for about 20 minutes. I was amazed at how much icing there was on each cupcake! Soooo good. Thanks for all of your hard work! You are simply amazing!! Reply Delete

  151. 13 PM

  152. Do you have to use the wheat flour? Reply Delete

  153. I'm making this today. Would the points change if I kept the coconut out? Not a huge fan of coconut. Reply Delete

  154. Michelle, you're welcome!

  155. You don't have to use wheat, I like it to increase the fiber, but white works just fine.

  156. I'm not sure off the top of my head if they change without, you'll have to check in recipe builder. It's only 1/4 cup, so not likely. Reply Delete

  157. 51 PM

  158. Gina: I am so excited I found your blog through my Weight Watcher site...and I must say you have improved the world of dieting with your wonderful recipes...I've already tried the banana bread recipe and the Chocolate Mousse with great results--and I do believe this carrot cake may be the next experiment! I look forward to many more tasty treats from your blog:) Reply Delete

  159. Gina, can this cake (minus the cream cheese frosting) be frozen so I don't eat the whole thing at once :)? And if so, what is the freezer life of the cake? Thanks. By the way, love this cake and your other recipes. Reply Delete

  160. I don't see why not! Reply Delete

  161. 20 minutes and it made

  162. 24 cupcakes. Thanks for the WW recipes! Reply Delete

  163. 36 PM

  164. I have cupcakes and a round cake in the oven right now! I hope they come out ok...I drained the pineapple through the lid, but not in a colander. The batter was more runny than the recipe stated...I probably should have drained them in a colander. Hopefully, even if it doesn't hold together well, it will still taste great :) Reply Delete

  165. 10 PM

  166. I love, love, love this recipe. Have made them as cupcakes and also in a bundt baking pan. Taste great frosted, also serve it without. Just put a little brown sugar before I bake it and it tastes great (like a coffee cake). I have a frozen cake in the freezer right now. Will last approx. 3 months frozen and still tastes great. Just defrost at room temp (take it out 3-4 hours before needed) and will be as moist as the day you made it. Serve as is or frost at his time. Reply Delete

  167. 4 year old LOVED it, as did I. I made

  168. 12 cupcakes, and cut all ingredients in half, but was wondering how long these will last in the fridge? Very moist, very, very good! Reply Delete

  169. HOly cow, yummy! I made cupcakes out of this recipe and it was a huge hit. Super moist, it's hard to believe that it only has 2 T oil in it. This is my new go to carrot cake. Reply Delete

  170. 34 AM

  171. Hi Gina, love this recipe and I want to make cupcakes for Easter. Can I use the shredded carrots sold in my local supermarket? Is there a real difference between shredded and grated? Reply Delete

  172. How long will this keep with and without the frosting? Reply Delete

  173. 35 AM

  174. I just made this on Saturday, and it was a big hit! This is a new dessert staple at our house. The pineapple... big "OH YEAH" all around. Reply Delete

  175. Aren't these great!!

  176. I guess if it shredded really fine it should be ok.

  177. I would say it would keep without the frosting 3-4 days refrigerated, with the frosting maybe overnight. Reply Delete

  178. 38 PM

  179. I was going to skip desert on Easter...BUT, can't now that I've seen this recipe. My husband is a carrot cake nut & will love this! Thanks. Reply Delete

  180. I made this for Easter today! It was a big hit! So good and VERY moist!! Thanks for the recipe! Reply Delete

  181. 49 PM

  182. 1 cup of powdered sugar the icing was a very runny goo. I had to add at least

  183. 1 1/2 more cups until it turned into actual icing. Not sure if I did something wrong or not. Reply Delete

  184. Jessica, did you add the cream cheese? Not sure how it would be runny, even if I left out the sugar it would be as thick as the cream cheese. Reply Delete

  185. white - 3/4

  186. Made this for Easter & it was really moist, but I think it needs more spice. The frosting was YUM-O-RIFFIC! Definately going to give this another try! Thanks for sharing! Reply Delete

  187. 04 PM

  188. I made this the other day and it turned out very well!! I used all purpose flour and substituted cake flour for the wheat one. The cake was extremely moist I have to say!! I added a little less sugar to the cake on purpose assuming the cream cheese frosting would make up for it!! My husband loved it. He wants MORE frosting next time. I also didn't have coconut which I'm sure would have added another dimension to the cake and used chopped almonds instead of walnuts. Very wonderful recipe, Gina!!! Thanks so much :) Reply Delete

  189. 40 PM

  190. How many points would it be with regular cream cheese? Reply Delete

  191. 05 PM

  192. Chunky applesauce is almost always a good substitute for pineapple. Mom's allergic to pineapple, so we've found lots of alternatives in our family - but I'll admit I have to make it at least once WITH the pineapple! Can't wait to try it! Reply Delete

  193. Don't have the info with regular cream cheese. You'd have to look it up on recipe builder.

  194. Flutterbye, great idea about the applesauce. Reply Delete

  195. 01 PM

  196. This is the most delicious carrot cake! So good. Next time I will have to make the cupcakes, because I can't control myself with the whole cake! Reply Delete

  197. 36 AM

  198. Do you know what the points would be for cupcakes if the nuts were left out? Also would using raisins instead of coconut change the points? Thanks!

  199. Sara Reply Delete

  200. Sorry Sara! I no longer have the nutritional data saved for this recipe so I suggest you put all the ingredients in recipe builder. I don't want to guess and give you the wrong info. Reply Delete

  201. I really want to try this recipe, but one of the people I'm cooking it for, is allergic to pineapples!! How can I make this wonderful skinny recipe without the pineapple and still make it super moist and delicious? Reply Delete

  202. 44 PM

  203. That's a good question, maybe a can of pears of peaches, crushed? Reply Delete

  204. 05 AM

  205. Fantastic recipe! However, my cake didnt rise! it looked abt 1/2 the size of that in the picture! Reply Delete

  206. 38 AM

  207. Mmmm these are really good! I made some for my father and he loved them! :) Reply Delete

  208. 15 AM

  209. To the person who's cake didn't rise, did you change anything at all in the recipe? Reply Delete

  210. 53 AM

  211. Carrot cake is my favorite dessert and I so I was excited to try this healthier version. I made it the other day and am in love! I created a single serving version and cooked it in a ramekin for breakfast. It was amazing!!! I added walnuts and used Fage instead of cool whip for the frosting. Thanks :) Reply Delete

  212. 1 and 1/2 cup 40 minutes the cake is brown on the outside but still wet on the inside and after

  213. 10 minutes it collapsed in the middle :

  214. Hi!!! I've been reading your site for a looong time and just to let you know, I'm VERY THANKFUL to you for your low fat dessert recipes! I love desserts and 1 cup of oil per cake (and even more sometimes!) is really really bad for me ( and I feel guilty for serving people unhealthy things). I've been looking for a good low fat carrot cake (its my most favourite cake of all time!)recipe for a long time. Will make it soon! :D Reply Delete

  215. 46 AM

  216. To flyhips, I have made this at least a dozen times and have never used whole wheat flour, and I've never had it collapse. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the temp in your oven is off? That happened to me with a pie recipe that didn't set...

  217. I'm making this right now for a cake walk at the senior center my mother runs. She announced Friday that her daughter was bringing in her "famous carrot cake" and everyone clapped! I've never been "famous" for anything! Thanks Gina!!! Reply Delete

  218. Awesome!! It's nice to be famous for something pretty healthy! Reply Delete

  219. Is it possible to make this cake with pumpkin puree instead of eggs and oil? Reply Delete

  220. 31 AM

  221. Do you have an approx. of points value without icing? Thanks! Reply Delete

  222. 00 PM

  223. 2 at a time is just right. I also froze half of them and after thawing out, they are just as good as fresh :

  224. Like the pineapple bliss cupcakes, do you think if i bought a carrot cake mix and added a can of crushed pineapple, it will be yummy? Reply Delete

  225. 30 PM

  226. 2 round

  227. 9" pans Reply Delete

  228. Oh this looks so daughters and I love your websit and cant wait to make this for Chirstmas Eve dinner. Thanks for putting all these wonderful recipes together. Reply Delete

  229. 01 AM

  230. Hi Gina im new on your websit and i love of your recipes thank u for posting can i save the recipes in my recipes box Reply Delete

  231. Made this to take to a friends house for dessert last night and it was a HUGE hit!!! My Husband said he usually doesn't like carrot cake because it;s too dry, but this was so moist he went back for seconds! Thanks Gina for the great recipes!! Reply Delete

  232. 26 AM

  233. Made this last night and it was amazing! Even the boyfriend, who isn't generally a fan of when I try to make low fat/low cal food, LOVED it!

  234. 8 inch round pans only took

  235. 20 minutes in a convection oven at

  236. 325F. I set the timer for 30, lucky I checked on them! Reply Delete

  237. 19 PM

  238. 8 oz can of pineapple and did not drain it. Left out the coconut. Made it into muffins. I made

  239. 18 muffins. (It did not rise as much as I thought, so the muffins are only to the top of the muffin holders). If you want them 'taller' make only about 12 or 14. I only had fat free cream cheese, and when you 'mix' it well (I only did it with a fork, it breaks down and becomes watery). Thus the icing was too thin, and I knew that was going to happen, so I used

  240. 1/4 of a box of vanilla pudding to thicken it. Used it DRY, do not add the milk. Icing is a bit grainy though, but has a pretty good taste. I also used all of the nuts to sprinkle on top of the cupcakes, instead of adding the

  241. 1/4 cup into the batter. Pretty darn good! I will be making them again!! Satisfied my craving for carrot cake, for sure. If anyone wants to know, using the ingredients I used, the Nutrition info is ... (ran thru mastercook) making

  242. 18... Per Serving (excluding unknown items):

  243. 171 Calories;

  244. 4g Fat (23 1/3% calories from fat);

  245. 4g Protein;

  246. 29g Carbohydrate;

  247. 1g Dietary Fiber;

  248. 25mg Cholesterol;

  249. 349mg Sodium. Exchanges:

  250. 1/2 Grain(Starch);

  251. 0 Lean Meat;

  252. 1/2 Vegetable;

  253. 0 Fruit;

  254. 1 Fat;

  255. 1 Other Carbohydrates.

  256. Unknown Items:

  257. s. free vanilla pudding mix (DRY)

  258. 2 calories to each cupcake. So each cupcake is

  259. 173 calories. Same amount of fat, fiber, and carbs. Add

  260. 5 mg. of sodium per cupcake. Reply Delete

  261. 21 PM

  262. Edited to add.. I also used PECANS, instead of walnuts. Delete

  263. Thank you, again, Gina! I am a HUGE carrot cake fan, but it's not usually worth the WW points to me to have a regular cake. This one makes me feel much less guilty. And my 2 year old wants it for breakfast! As always, delicious, healthy foods from your site. Oh and the frosting - so easy and SO DELICIOUS. Keep 'em comin'! Reply Delete

  264. 57 AM

  265. I made this cake yesterday and am moaning the short life span it that... the three men in my life (husband and two grown sons)and one FIL (future daughter in law) devoured this cake. I had two slices so should not complain.

  266. 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, tsp of ginger and 1/2 tsp of nutmeg (my always faithful go to carrot cake recipe has the same amount of spices) Also I only had a

  267. 14 oz tin of crushed pinapple so used that and a

  268. 1/2 cup of applesauce.

  269. 3/4 of a cup of organic Agave syrup. Baked it in two

  270. 8 inch round pans and turned it into a two layered Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese husband and the kids loved it... It was the best carrot cake I ever ate! My sister and youngest son thought it tasted a little two healthy

  271. This was a winner and I am looking forward to trying more recipes :0

  272. huge thank you Gina :) Reply Delete

  273. I have to post again...this is FABULOUS! I've got two three layer cakes in the fridge waiting to be frosted for a bday party tomorrow! Reply Delete

  274. I just made this cake last night. Definitely moist and delicious!! Thank you! Reply Delete

  275. 56 PM

  276. Hi Gina,

  277. Would it be alright to substitute white whole wheat flour for the whole wheat, would it cause any adverse reactions to the cake or are they pretty similar. Reply Delete

  278. Hi Gina!

  279. I just made this cake, it was amazing! Btw I have been making your recipes every night for the last 2 weeks! and they are all wonderful! Thank you Reply Delete

  280. 11 PM

  281. I made this recipe as cupcakes and they were delicious. However, on some of the cupcakes that I stored in the freezer in a tupperware, I noticed some mold. I've never had this problem before. Has this happened to anybody else? Help! Reply Delete

  282. 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar,

  283. 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Reply Delete

  284. 1. Can I substitute unsweetened apple sauce for the oil (how does it compare?)?

  285. 2. Can I sub out sugar for Stevia?

  286. Thank you! Reply Delete

  287. 32 AM

  288. 1/2 c white

  289. 1/2 cup of brown sugar. I made them into cupcakes it made

  290. 18. I also used chunky applesauce instead of pineapple. They were very moist and delicious:

  291. 23 minuted to cook. Reply Delete

  292. I made this for Easter. Absolutely delicious and a hit with everyone! I skipped the coconut and didn't notice anything was missing. I think I threw in a few extra walnuts, just for some crunch. I also made a little extra frosting, so I could make sure I got the sides of the cake too. This is my new favorite carrot cake recipe (and I've tried a lot of them!) Reply Delete

  293. 41 AM

  294. Hi Gina, Thanks so much for sharing your recipes. I too made this for Easter and it was huge hit with everyone. My son is allergic to nuts and I'm not a fan of coconut so I omitted both of those and added in some raisins. I also used a few grated carrots on the top for garnish and it looked and tasted fantastic. I will definitely make this again and spend some time getting to know some of your other recipes! Reply Delete

  295. 12 PM

  296. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I've tried a couple of your recipes and this was the most recent one. Check it out: Reply Delete

  297. I'm new to your blog and have tried several recipies. This carrot cake is the absolute best! Thanks for sharing! Reply Delete

  298. 15 PM

  299. Made this today for June birthdays in our family and it was a huge hit. I forgot to drain the juice from the pineapple so baked it the full 50 min and it was perfect...moist & totally delish! Thanks for the wonderful recipe!! Reply Delete

  300. 24 PM

  301. This looks good but i would love to find a bread. A good carrot raisin bread thats also low in calories Reply Delete

  302. 11 AM

  303. I tried this recipe... and the whole family loved it!!! Thank you so much - I love carrot cake, but it's always so high in fat/calories... so this is wonderful. I shared it on my blog as well... Reply Delete

  304. 45 PM

  305. I made this into cupcakes for Easter and since then it's been requested over and over! Thank you for the no-fail recipe Gina!! Reply Delete

  306. 43 PM

  307. 8" round

  308. 6 cupcakes. The round was to give as a thank you to a friend and we kept the cupcakes for dessert - perfection! Thanks for the great recipe- again! Reply Delete

  309. 27 PM

  310. This was really good. I didn't add the coconut because I didn't have it and I had to add a little of apple sauce because I didn't have enough pineapple but it was sooo delicious.

  311. Erika. Reply Delete

  312. 35 PM

  313. 12 muffins and 4 mini loaf cakes. I omitted the coconut and didn't add nuts on top - only because I have a gallstone and am not supposed to have fat (I cheated and added some in the cake). These are moist and super tasty. My kids LOVED them and so did my hubby!! Thank you for the great recipes!! I love this blog!!! I only had a

  314. 14 oz can of pineapple and did not add any extra liquid and they still came out perfect! Reply Delete

  315. 37 PM

  316. I didn't drain the juice either, maybe why I did not need the extra 3 ounces of pineapple! Reply Delete

  317. 54 PM

  318. 18. Also, I only had

  319. 5oz of cream cheese in the fridge so I reduced the powdered sugar to about 1/2 cup, and just put a dollop of frosting on each cupcake while they were still warm so it spread out nicely. Very good! Also, I noticed that they're even MORE delicious out of the fridge the next day! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the ones in the freezer thaw out, too. Reply Delete

  320. 23 PM

  321. I made this over the weekend for my family...they absolutely loved it! Another great recipe Reply Delete

  322. 07 AM

  323. Hey,

  324. Just baked one, did not need any frosting, awsome just like that, super moist, ate it with a spoon :D

  325. 08 PM

  326. I made this cake for my boyfriend's birthday. Separated the batter into two 8" cake pans for an easy layer cake. I also used chopped pecans instead of walnuts. I filled the cake with Nutella and whipped up some cream cheese frosting and it was delicious! Very moist, nice crumb, lots of flavor. The pineapple was a nice touch, and added a lot of moisture, which I was kind of worried about since whole wheat flour tends to dry some things out. The spices weren't specified, but I used allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a pinch of cloves. All in all, a very good "healthy-ish" carrot cake recipe that I will use again. Thank You!! Reply Delete

  327. 00 AM

  328. Thanks for the recipe, just made it yesterday and it is so moist and fantastic. No frosting needed! Love the pineapple! Reply Delete

  329. Do u need to drain the pineapple? Reply Delete

  330. 09 PM

  331. Hi Gina! I love you site! Would it be possible to use agave instead of the sugar? Thank you for all of your recipes! Reply Delete

  332. 16 AM

  333. OH MY GOD! This this first cake I have baked since high school, which was 10 years ago.

  334. I have type 1 diabetes and so I didn't add the granulated sugar (only added sugar to the icing - will use less next time). I was so damn delicious. THANK YOU! Reply Delete

  335. 47 PM

  336. Do you know the point value without frosting? I am a non frosting kind of gal. Reply Delete

  337. 55 PM

  338. Just made this for a family birthday and it was spectacular!! I have not made "regular" carrot cake for a few years, because of the oil and sugar required. This was actually better. I also liked the fact that it makes a bit smaller cake (I used an eight inch springform pan). I will definitely make this again, and again and again! Reply Delete

  339. 29 PM

  340. would another baking pan work other than springform pan like 9 by 13...or any other suggestions Reply Delete

  341. 21 AM

  342. Hi, not sure if you made already but you could compare this recipe with Gina's zucchini pineapple cake recipe(almost same cake), if the flour, sugar and most ingredients are the same then it can definitely be done in a 9 by 13 because that one is Delete

  343. 03 AM

  344. Has anyone tried subbing in applesauce for the cup of sugar? Reply Delete

  345. 23 AM

  346. Hi - I would not sub applesauce for the sugar, it will mess with the wet to dry ratio ... you could try using the "domino light" sugar (has stevia in it) I just bought it, it's very good - you use half the amount of sugar that's called for in a recipe, therefore it will be less calories/points. Delete

  347. This can be radically various from traditional medicine these days. Reply Delete

  348. On-line personals dating services also saves you time. Reply Delete

  349. 27 AM

  350. 8inch spring-form pan. came out just perfect, my only issue is that it's a little crazy to cut this cake into 16 slices...each slice would be so little! I could not serve to guests like that, lol. So I cut it into 12 slices which was perfect... it's worth the extra calories for me

  351. 28 PM

  352. can I make this in the mini loaf pan? to make 8? Reply Delete

  353. 17 AM

  354. I made half the recipe tonight with my Pampered Chef Brownie pan - 12

  355. 39 PM

  356. Gina, I recently made your banana bread and can't wait to try this one! Do you know what the baking time would be for a bundt pan? Thanks! Reply Delete

  357. 46 PM

  358. Gina, would i be able to use whole wheat pastry flour rather then the regular whole wheat flour? Thanks! Reply Delete

  359. 45 AM

  360. These look delicious! I was just wondering though, can you omit the coconut in this recipe? I'm not really a fan of coconut. Reply Delete

  361. 58 AM

  362. This was so beyond fabulous. I made it last night and got rave reviews from my HUSBAND! Husband who hates carrot cake! He loved it! So many healthy things in here too. I forgot we had used the last of the coconut. Cut back on the walnuts (didn't use them for garnish) and substituted 1/4 cup raisins for the coconut. I didn't have the right size pan so I used two standard round cake pans and did frosting between and on top (the amount this recipe makes is more than enough). Such a great recipe-thanks! Reply Delete

  363. 02 PM

  364. I made this the other day without the creamy frosting, and called it carrot cake bread, it was great Reply Delete

  365. 13 AM

  366. I LOVE your blog and recently started my own very simple, basic blog just to share my favorite recipes since I love to cook and bake. Thanks so much for sharing yours and this carrot cake recipes looks to die for..might just have to try it for Easter this weekend! Reply Delete

  367. 18 AM

  368. can i make this with all all-purpose flour and no wheat flour? Reply Delete

  369. 2 egg whites and one whole egg,

  370. 1/2 teaspoon salt,

  371. 1 T olive oil and 1 T applesauce, omitted the coconut and nuts and it's fantastic!! Came out with

  372. 18 beautiful moist cupcakes.. now headed for the freezer until my birthday!!! YAY... thanks again!!! Reply Delete

  373. 33 PM

  374. This comment has been removed by the author. Reply Delete

  375. 18 PM

  376. Made this today, so good! Everyone at Easter dinner loved it! Reply Delete

  377. 22 PM

  378. I'm looking for a nut free version. Do you think I could use raisins instead?

  379. Replies

  380. 51 AM

  381. I put sultanas in mine.. it was even more good! this really is one of the best cakes I have ever made Delete

  382. Reply

  383. 48 AM

  384. I made this yesterday.. (no frosting cause my family doesn't like it). It is to die for.. thankfully we are all sick so no one can come around and *share* it with us. hehehe. Seriously.. this GOOD CAKE.

  385. Reply Delete

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