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  1. Ingredients (serves 6)

  2. 3 egg yolks, lightly whisked

  3. 100g (1/2 cup) caster sugar

  4. 750ml (3 cups) reduced-fat milk

  5. 2 tbs cornflour

  6. 1 vanilla bean, split

  7. 2 x 50g chocolate-coated honeycomb

  8. bar (Nestle Violet Crumble brand), finely chopped

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  1. Combine the egg yolks and sugar in a medium saucepan. Combine a little of the milk and the cornflour in a small bowl. Add the cornflour mixture to the egg-yolk mixture along with remaining milk and vanilla bean. Place over medium heat and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until mixture boils and thickens slightly. Pour into a heatproof bowl and place plastic wrap directly on the surface of the custard mixture. Set aside for 2 hours or until cooled to room temperature.

  2. Remove and discard the vanilla bean. Pour the custard mixture into a shallow metal container. Cover with foil and place in the freezer for 8 hours or until just set.

  3. Use a metal spoon to break up the ice-cream. Transfer to the bowl of a food processor and process until smooth. Return to the metal container and stir in three-quarters of the honeycomb bar. Cover with foil and place in the freezer for a further 6 hours or until firm.

  4. To serve, place the ice-cream in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to soften slightly. Scoop into serving bowls and sprinkle with the remaining honeycomb bar.


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