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  1. 6 lb Pork Shoulder Or Ribs

  2. 8 Scallions, Finely Chopped

  3. 1 Onion, Finely Chopped

  4. 4 Garlic, Minced

  5. 2 Scotch Bonnet Peppers **

  6. 2 ts Minced Fresh Thyme OR 1 ts Dried Thyme, Curshed

  7. 1 ts (Scant) Salt

  8. 1 ts Raw Cane Sugar OR 1 ts Light Brown Sugar

  9. 1 ts Ground Allspice

  10. 1/2 ts Ground Nutmeg

  11. 1/2 ts Ground Cinnamon

  12. 1 ts Black Pepper, Freshly Ground

  13. 2 ts Cider Vinegar

  14. 1/2 c Vegetable Oil

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  1. * Include some of the green tops when chopping the scallions.

  2. ** Other fresh hot chili peppers may be used.

  3. Seed, devien and finely chop them.

  4. Combine all of the marinade ingredients in a large bowl.

  5. Place the pork in a roasting pan and coat with the marinade.

  6. Cover and refrigerate 4 hours or preferably overnight.

  7. Prepare a charcoal grill.

  8. When the coals glow dusty red, push the coals to the sides and place a foil drip pan in the center arranging the coals arund the pan to provide indirect heat.

  9. Place the pork in the center of the grill over the drip pan.

  10. Turn and brush the meat with te marinade as often as possible for about 1 1/2 hours.

  11. Add more coals if the heat begins to fail.

  12. Remove the pork to a chopping board and chop, with a cleaver, into 1-inch pieces.

  13. Serve with Pickapeppa Sauce and grill roasted sweet potatoes or yams.

  14. Note: This marinade is enough to grill 3 split chickens, 6 pounds of large shrimp or prawns in their shells, a dozen blue-claw crabs, or 18 Rock lobster tails.


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