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  1. 1/2 cup dried cherries or cranberries

  2. 3 Tbsp. brandy or bourbon or apple cider

  3. 3 oz. bar white chocolate

  4. 2 Tbsp. butter

  5. 6 cups stale French bread cubes

  6. 4 eggs

  7. 1/3 cup sugar

  8. 1 cup half and half 1 tsp. vanilla

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  1. Look over the cherries to make sure all the pits are removed. Combine dried fruit with brandy (or apple cider) in a small bowl and microwave on high power for 30 seconds. Remove and let stand for 30 minutes to cool. Coarsely chop the white chocolate. Drain the dried fruit.

  2. Generously butter the crockery insert of a 3 1/2 quart slow cooker. Cover the bottom with half of the bread cubes; then scatter with half of the drained cherries and chopped chocolate. Layer on the remaining bread cubes and top with the rest of the cherries and chocolate.

  3. In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar until smooth; then whisk in the half-and-half and vanilla until blended. Carefully pour over the bread mixture, gently pressing down on bread to cover with the egg mixture. Cover crockpot and cook on high for 1 3/4 hours, without lifting lid, until set and puffed. Serve warm or at room temperature. Makes 6 servings.


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