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  1. 250gms of low salt butter, cubed

  2. 150gms of plain flour

  3. 700mls of full cream dairy milk

  4. 100gms of mild cheddar cheese, grated

  5. 425gms

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  1. Slowly melt 250gms of salt reduced butter in a saucepan, then with a wooden spoon, stir in 150gms of plain flour and cook gently for one minute. Gradually whisk in 700mls of full cream dairy milk until the sauce is a smooth and thick consistency.

  2. Add a 425gm can of flaked tuna in spring water (not oil or brine) and 100gms of mild grated cheese.

  3. For a baby, present as a puree.

  4. For a toddler add some finely diced, cooked mixed vegetables and spoon into a small vol-au-vent, top with some grated cheese and warm through in a moderate oven. Let cool somewhat prior to serving.

  5. For adults, toss the tuna mornay through some fresh cooked pasta and top with mixed chopped fresh herbs, grated cheese and some parmesan flakes. Cover and warm through in a moderate oven.


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