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  1. rice for 1 person

  2. 1 medium size potato

  3. 1 piece pumpkin size similar to potato

  4. 1 big chunk of egg plant.. size similar to potato

  5. 1 big chunk raw papaya size similar to potato

  6. 6 to 7 pieces French beans

  7. mustard oil

  8. 1 dry red chilli

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  1. If you are doing in steamer, large pot.

  2. heat the water add all the veggies and the rice Cook all of the ingredients together..

  3. Now drain the starch from the rice.

  4. Take the veggies out on a plate.

  5. Except for the french beans. sprinklle dash of mustard oil and salt.

  6. Except the potato mash rest of the veggies seperately with dash of mustard oil and salt.

  7. Dry roast the red chilly For the potatoes add some chopped onions and crushed dry red chilly while mashing with with dash of mustard oil and salt.

  8. The mashing has to ideally done with OUR HANDS Now in a big plate serve the rice Put a dollop of butter cold. let butter melt in the steamy rice/ for bravehearts repalce butter with mustard oil.

  9. around the heap of rice put the heap of mashed veggies and the french beans..

  10. Enjoy it hot..It is a complete meal in itself.

  11. For winter I will have it with peanut/white mustard seeds chutney. (check out the recipe for the chutney)


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