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  1. for An Ornamental Fish Salad Recipe

  2. Cold cooked salmon or other fish

  3. Crisp lettuce leaves

  4. Hard boiled eggs, cut in quarters

  5. Pitted olives

  6. Anchovy fillets

  7. Small pickled gherkins

  8. Mayonnaise

  9. Current jelly

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  1. Separate salmon or any other cold cooked fish into several equal parts and arrange each part on crisp lettuce leaves with a little space between each.

  2. Fill in these spaces with the eggs, olives, anchovy fillets and the pickles.

  3. Arrange these in mounds and pour mayonnaise around each section.

  4. Put in the refrigerator until very cold.

  5. Add a touch of bright color by dotting with lumps of currant jelly.


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