• 4servings
  • 8minutes

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NutrientsLipids, Cellulose
VitaminsA, B9
MineralsNatrium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Phosphorus, Cobalt, Molybdenum

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  1. 1 medium fennel bulb, quartered, core trimmed

  2. 2 cloves garlic

  3. 2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil

  4. 2 tsps minced fresh marjoram

  5. 500g butterflied leg lamb, fat trimmed

  6. Freshly ground black pepper to taste

  7. 1 large ripe peach 2 ripe plums (recommended: Santa Rosa)

  8. 200g mesclun salad greens

  9. Sherry Dressing, recipe follows

  10. 2 tsps whole-grain mustard

  11. 2 tbsps aged sherry wine vinegar

  12. 1 tsp salt

  13. Freshly ground black pepper

  14. 4 tbsps extra virgin olive oil

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  1. Lamb salad with peach, plum and fennel 1) Position a rack 15cm from the grill and preheat.

  2. Thinly slice the fennel lengthwise, using a mandoline if you have one. Soak the cut fennel in a bowl of very cold water.

  3. Smash the garlic cloves, sprinkle with the 1 teaspoon of salt and, with the flat side of a large knife, mash and smear the mixture to a coarse paste. Stir the garlic, olive oil and marjoram together and rub all over the lamb. Season with pepper, to taste.

  4. Place the lamb, trimmed-side down, on the grilling rack. Grill the meat until nicely browned, about 5 minutes. Turn and cook until an instant-read thermometer inserted into the sides of the meat registers 50C, another 2 to 3 minutes. Set the meat aside to rest while preparing the salad.

  5. Pit and cut the plums and peach into chunks with their skins still on. Toss the fruit in a salad bowl with the mesclun salad greens. Drain and pat the fennel dry, add to the salad.

  6. Thinly slice the lamb against the grain into bite-sized pieces and add that to the salad as well. Season the salad with the salt and pepper, toss with the dressing and divide evenly among four plates.

  7. Serve.

  8. Sherry Dressing:

  9. Whisk the vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper, to taste, in a small bowl. Gradually whisk in the oil, starting with a few drops and then adding the rest in a steady stream, to make a smooth, slightly thick dressing.

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