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  1. 6 kg

  2. One oven prepared roasting chicken (approx 1 1/3kg) - fully boned

  3. One oven prepared pheasant - fully boned

  4. 1 kg sausage meat

  5. 2 chopped onions

  6. 3 roughly chopped oranges - rind removed

  7. 3 roughly chopped apples

  8. 1 clove crushed garlic

  9. salt and pepper

  10. 1 bunch chives

  11. 1 bunch tarragon

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  1. Ask the butcher to ‘tunnel bone’ all three birds completely removing all bones, which can be used for jus or stock.

  2. Make up stuffing mix combining the sausage meat, chopped pan –fried onion, orange, apple, garlic seasoning and herbs.

  3. Leaving the skin on the goose and removing the skin from the chicken and pheasant place the chicken on top of the goose and pheasant on top of chicken spreading the stuffing mix between the layers.

  4. Bring the edges of the goose together, creating the natural shape of a bird - securing with butchers twine.

  5. Lightly season and place in a hot oven for 4 hours at 180°c, placing foil on top.

  6. Remove the foil for the last 40 minutes of cooking.

  7. Rest the roast for a minimum of 1 hr before slicing.


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