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  1. chicken breast with skin off

  2. honey say and garlic marinate

  3. tomatoes

  4. onions

  5. Greated cheese

  6. Steak dianne gravy

  7. salt & pepper to taste

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  1. Marinate the chicken Breast in the Honey Soy and Garlic marinate over night or for atleast 2-3 hours Chop finely the Tomatoes and onion and fry them in a light blend of olive oil, add the salt and pepper to taste, even add a chopped chilli for extra taste if you fansy..

  2. Oven cook the breast on 200 what ever type oven, for about 30 mins Then spoon on the fryed tomatoe and onion and place on the greated cheese, continue to bake in the oven till the cheese is melted, then drizzle steak dianne gravy over the top and serve with salad or veggies


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