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  1. We don't have to give up everything to be healthier! Just make some

  2. Better choices...


  4. Lowfat choices

  5. Nonfat dry milk

  6. Nonfat yogurt

  7. Evaporated skim milk

  8. Lowfat buttermilk

  9. Lowfat yogurt

  10. Ice Cream


  12. 1 gram Or less fat/oz.

  13. Cottage - dry curd

  14. medium Choices High-fat choices

  15. 2 eaches Milk Whole milk

  16. Ice milk Evaporated whole milk

  17. Half-and-half

  18. Light cream

  19. Heavy cream

  20. Sour cream

  21. Whole milk yogurt

  22. 5 grams Fat/oz.

  23. 7 grams fat/oz.

  24. Part-skim Mozz. Camembert

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  1. Cottage - 1% fat Cottage - 4% fat Kraft Cracker Barrel Frigo ricotta Part-skim ricotta Domestic Swiss Weight watchers cream Sap sago Fischer Sandwich-Mate cheese String Tilsit Kraft Light Naturals Neufchatel 2-4 grams fat/oz. Cheddar and swiss Whole-milk Mozz. Philadelphia Light Laughing cow : Cream Cheese 8 grams fat/oz. Cottage 2% fat : Weight Watchers Kraft light and lively Cheddar American Edam Borden Lite-line Blue Gjetost Weight Watchers American 6 grams fat/oz. Brie Gouda Hickory Farms Cheddar and Brick Limburger Swiss Cold Pack Velveeta/Cheez Whiz Longhorn Parmesan Feta Provole Romano Hickory Farms Naturals Swiss PortduSalut Longhorn and smoky lyte Whole milk ricotta Kraft Light mNaturals Philadelphia Whipped Mont. Jack and Laughing Cream Cheese Cow 9 grams fat/oz.

  2. Cheddar Colby Gorgonzola Gruyere Mont. Jack Muenster Roquefort 10 grams fat/oz. Cream cheese Shared by: Suzze Tiernan, Oct/94.

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