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  1. 9 egg yolks

  2. 250 gm caster sugar

  3. 1 vanilla bean or 1 tsp vanilla paste

  4. 20 ml Frangelico

  5. 200 gm dark chocolate (55% cocoa solids), melted, plus extra to serve

  6. 2 tbsp Dutch-process cocoa, sieved

  7. 600 ml thickened cream

  8. 250 gm crme frache

  9. 150 gm roasted hazelnuts, skins removed, coarsely chopped

  10. To serve: maraschino cherries

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  1. Serves 10 Prep time 30 mins, cook 35 mins (plus freezing)

  2. You'll need to begin this recipe a day ahead.

  3. Step-by-step instructions Line a 2 litre-capacity mould with plastic wrap or baking paper.

  4. Whisk yolks, sugar, vanilla seeds and Frangelico in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water until mixture is tripled in volume, thick and pale and holds a ribbon (4-5 minutes).

  5. Transfer semifreddo mixture to an electric mixer and whisk until cool (2-3 minutes). Add chocolate and cocoa and mix to combine.

  6. Meanwhile, whisk cream and crme frache in a bowl until soft peaks form.

  7. Fold one-third into egg mixture to loosen mixture, then fold through remaining cream and hazelnuts.

  8. Spoon into container, cover, freeze until firm (6 hours-overnight). Makes about 2 litres.

  9. Serves scoops of Baci semifreddo drizzled with extra melted chocolate and topped with a maraschino cherry, if you like.


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