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  1. Medium cooked prawns - number as required

  2. Option 1 (prawn cocktail)

  3. Iceburg lettuce

  4. thousand island dressing

  5. Option 2 (asian prawn cocktail)

  6. Chinese cabbage (wombok)

  7. Fried noodles (changs)

  8. Chopped peanuts or cashews

  9. Sweet and sour sauce

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  1. Peel prawns leaving the tail.

  2. De-vein and butterfly slightly.

  3. Finely shred lettuce or cabbage.

  4. For Option 1, place some lettuce on spoon, top with prawn and some dressing.

  5. For Option 2, combine cabbage with noodles and nuts and place on spoon.

  6. Continue by topping with a prawn and sweet n sour sauce.

  7. Arrange spoons on a serving platter and serve chilled.


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