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  1. 4 lb Whole green beans

  2. 7 Whole Chicken Claw Pepper,

  3. -dried or fresh

  4. 7 Fresh dill heads

  5. 7 Cloves fresh garlic, peeled

  6. 5 c White distilled vinegar, at

  7. -least 5

  8. % solution

  9. 5 c Distilled water

  10. 1 c Non-iodized pickling salt

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  1. Wash the beans thoroughly.

  2. Cut off stems and tips.

  3. Use straight shaped beans when possible.

  4. Cut them into uniform lengths to allow them to stand upright in 1-pint canning jars, coming to the top of the shoulder of the jar.

  5. Have jars clean and very hot with lids in simmering water.

  6. In each jar place 1 dill head, 1 garlic clove, and 1 Chicken Claw pepper.

  7. Pack beans upright in jars, leaving 1/2 inch headroom.

  8. If the arrangement of the dill, pepper and garlic is properly done against the side of the jar, a very attractive arrangement may be made as the beans are added to the jar.

  9. Heat together the water, vinegar, and salt.

  10. When the mixture boils, pour it over the beans, filling each jar to 1/2 inch from the top.

  11. Run a plastic or stainless steel knife down and around to remove trapped air, adjust lids and process in a 185F.

  12. hot water bath for 10 minutes after the water in canner returns to simmering.

  13. Make sure the water level in water bath is up to the neck of the jar.

  14. Remove jars after 10 minutes.

  15. Complete seals if necessary.

  16. The beans are almost fresh-crisp, but the high acidity of the vinegar allows the boiling water bath to be safe for a low acid food.

  17. Chicken Claw pepper is ideal for use with dilly beans.

  18. It is long and narrow and has a bright orange color when ripe or even dry.

  19. One pod is enough to add a nice spicy tang to the beans and does not overpower the garlic or dill.

  20. Wait at least two weeks for these beans to develop their flavor.

  21. Better yet, wait until the first snow flies, then open a jar of these crisp tasty appetizers.

  22. John Hartman Indianapolis, IN hartman@indy.

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