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  1. Ingredients :

  2. 400g self raising flour

  3. 350g Caster sugar

  4. 300g Butter (at room temperature)

  5. 8 Free range eggs

  6. 2 tsp baking powder

  7. 1/2 vanilla pod (seeds only)

  8. 1 orange (zest only)

  9. 2 Table spoons semi skimmed milk

  10. 500ml single cream

  11. 250g mascarpone cheese

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  1. Separate eggs whites from yolks.

  2. Beat eggs whites firmly (until it does not run when bowl is up sidedown.

  3. In a separate bowl mix egg yolks with sugar.

  4. Add butter, flour, vanilla seeds, orange zest, milk, baking powderand mix well (until bubbles appear).

  5. Pour egg whites and fold gently and slowly.

  6. Once mixed, the mixture should be light and soft.

  7. If to dry, add 1 more table spoon of milk and mix well.

  8. Grease 2 tins and pour mixture into tins (equal amounts).

  9. Put in the pre-heated oven at 210 degrees for 30 minutes.

  10. Do not open the oven until baked for at least 25 minutes to allowcake to rise.

  11. After this time, you may test if sponge is cooked by pricking it witha tooth pick.

  12. If sponge sticks to the tooth pick then allow another 5 minutes inthe oven.

  13. Take off the heat and allow cake to cool down for about 2 minutesbefore removing from baking tins.

  14. Whilst cake is cooling down whisk mascarpone cheese and single cream together until firm.

  15. Spread cream on top of half sponge and place the other half on top.

  16. You may wish to use remaining cream mixture to decorate the cake. As an alternative to sandwich the cake you could use touse fruit jam.

  17. Ready to serve.


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