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  2. 1 stick butter

  3. 1 16 oz bottle white

  4. cooking wine

  5. garlic powder/salt

  6. garlic clove

  7. 1 pound shrimp

  8. 2 pounds thin spaghetti

  9. lemon juice

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  1. The recipe is from my father, and it's one of the best things he's ever done for me. A warning. This whole recipe is an old family recipe (tm) and the amounts are approximations. I just stand over the saucepan and keep adding garlic, salt, pepper, garlic, garlic, the whole time. So take the recipe with a grain of salt, and lots of garlic.

  2. Melt the stick of butter in a deep saucepan over low heat. Add 3/4 of the cooking wine. Drop in a few (what are the sections of the clove called?) in, as well as garlic powder, salt and pepper. The whatever-I-have-lying-around part is there because I happened to have some oregano last time I made this, so I threw it in, and it was pretty good. And the phrase my father uses is "You can never have too much garlic [in this recipe]", so go crazy. Once this mixture comes to a boil, pour in a cup of water and add the shrimp. You may want to fish out the chunks 'o garlic before you do this, so someone doesn't think it's shrimp. Now bring to a boil again, and pour over spaghetti. You want the spaghetti al denti so it doesn't become au soggy once you pour the scampi over it.

  3. The reason the lemon juice is in () is because when I first got the recipe, my father forgot to tell me about it. I have become accustomed to it without, but the weak of heart may add lemon juice to calm the garlic and butter down, or use cooking wine with lemon


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